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Talk is Cheap...Fear God Instead

I sometimes wonder what I’ll be like towards the end of my days. I do have glimpses of the urgency I might feel, wanting to tell whomever will listen about my many mistakes & how to avoid them🙂

I had a moment like this yesterday. I was at a moms meeting & several asked my thoughts about parenting. I found myself sharing many moments where I failed & the wisdom I gained from the fall.

King Solomon shared his urgent, last days thoughts in the book of Ecclesiastes. As I read it, I was a bit surprised that the wisest man on earth who had anything one might desire, wrote with somewhat biting words. He wrote with an, “Ain’t nobody got time for platitudes” attitude, and despite the sullen brashness, it made me want to lean in & listen.

At one point, he fires off imperative after imperative:

👉🏽As you enter the house of God, keep your ears open & your mouth shut

👉🏽Don’t make rash promises

👉🏽Let your words be few

Then he bottom-lines it all with this👊🏽

Talk is cheap...Fear God instead.

That’s the summary statement from the wisest man who ever lived...fear God instead.

Solomon also penned the book of Proverbs, a book of wisdom that tells first-hand how fearing God leads to life, rest & satisfaction.

God is the Source of all wisdom, so why should we fear anything or anyone but Him? To fear Him, means to enter His courts with reverential, silent awe.

Picture stepping into His most beautiful sanctuary, so indescribable that the breath escapes your lungs...this holy Author & Creator of ALL things, made YOU. He didn’t NEED you, but he WANTED you! He wants to be in relationship WITH you & loves you enough to let you choose!

We will face many things this side of heaven that incite an unholy fear; fear that may cause us to rush to our Father with rash words of promise we never intend to keep, if only He would _____.

The only One we need fear is Him, the Holy One Who loves us, imperfections & all!

Father, as we enter Your Presence this morning, may our ears be open & words be few. You are awesome & mighty to save! You know the hard things we face & yet we choose to face You in reverential awe, knowing that You alone are The One Who adds length to our life, peace to our days & comfort for our hearts. Remind us that we need only fear You.

September 3rd One Year Bible Readings

💡Ecclesiastes 4:1-6:12

💡2 Corinthians 6:14-7:7

💡Psalm 47:1-9

💡Proverbs 22:16

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