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The Cost Was High. The Price Was Low. The Significance? ETERNAL

If I didn’t know Jesus & someone handed me the book of Zechariah, I don’t think I would’ve needed the hard seasons of life to reveal my deep need of a Savior. This minor prophet speaks so many specific prophecies fulfilled by Jesus, that the case for Christ becomes undeniable!

Zechariah began his ministry in November of 520 BC, about 20 years after the Israelites return from exile in Babylon.

By now winter had settled in & the reality of their war torn town also began to settle.

The return was inadequate at best - the wall was in severe disrepair, the temple was demolished & the people were discouraged.

His book opens in a shady grove of myrtle trees during the cold, dark season of winter.  The darkness of the grove represented the melancholy condition  of Israel & their need of restoration & salvation!

As he hears from the Lord, Zechariah  writes visions of a restored nation and a coming Messiah!

Of all the prophecies, however, 11:12-13 is the most compelling! He tells how the price for Jesus’s life, the price Judas Iscariot paid to betray Jesus, would be a mere 30 pieces of silver.

I’ve always wondered why 30?

Well I learned today that this low price for the high cost of our Savior’s life carried great significance

30 pieces of silver was the price one would pay for a slave!! Our Savior paid the cost of his life for the price of a slave! He gave up all Divine & Royal rights of heaven to be taken captive & crucified so we might be free!

As we begin to ponder the new year ahead, it’s worth taking a glance back & remembering how faithful our Father is! He captured the prophecies He provided so that our faith might be strengthened!

Father, thank you for Zechariah’s obedience to write the many things you revealed! Thank you for the visual of meeting in the myrtle trees…sometimes life feels like that-dark, dank & in need of Light. Jesus, thank you for dying for us & revealing your love for us in the smallest of details…30 pieces. As we step into this new year, remind us of the much you sacrificed. May we be compelled to relinquish our lives  so that your holy, high & resurrected life might prevail!

💡ZECHARIAH 10:1-11:17


💡PSALM 146:1-10



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