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The Direction of Devotion

I will never forget the moment this verse landed like a sock to the gut!👊🏽

We moved to Georgia in 2004 & jumped into a church and small group. Life began to move fast, my husband’s job demanded much of him and our family was often separated by the three floors of our fancy home.

I didn’t know it at the time, but my devotion was changing...

We joined a new small group a few years in, & my new-found friend, Suzanne, told everyone that I was a prayer warrior & then asked me to open in prayer...but here’s the thing, I had stopped praying. 😳

I didn’t even know how to begin but I did.

I wish I could say that it was like riding a bike but it wasn’t. I realized in that moment that I had became wooed by the affluence of Alpharetta.

Even though my time, treasures and talents were devoted to the CAUSE of Jesus, I was no longer devoted to Jesus Himself.😞

...I even forgot what it was like to talk to Him.

I think I read Psalm 137 the very next day...the captive Israelites sat by the river Euphrates in the foreign land of Babylon, longing for home. What popped in my thoughts was that they longed for the place of God’s residence - the city of Jerusalem.

They were held captive by Babylon and I was held captive by this world and all it had to offer. Wow! Instantly, I longed for Jesus, the One who knew me so well!

From that day forward, this verse became my heart’s cry:

If I forget You, O Jesus,

let me also forget how to do anything of worth or value,

if I fail to remember You

& don’t make Jesus my greatest joy 🤗

So the question today: Am I devoted to Jesus or simply to the cause He started? 😊


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