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The Discipline of Rest

My son is taking voice lessons & asked me to join him during his practice time yesterday. I had no idea of the work required to sing with ease! We practiced scales along with a video & the thing that kept catching me off guard was the number of times I ran out of breath!

The coach sang the scales with us & demonstrated how to take deep breaths through his nose between each series of notes. Who knew the discipline of breath required simply to sing from a place of rest?🤷🏻‍♀️

Our breath is a wonderful thing because the Source of our first is of God. Psalm 104 says that when He gave us our breath, life was created. Every single, solitary inhale & exhale is a proclamation of our Creator & of Emmanuel, His Son Who is ever with us!

I’ve heard an analogy that says something like, “Come on now, it’s as easy as breathing!”

Paul has the same exhortational vibe when he describes the promise of God’s rest. He writes a rhymer with this: “So let’s do our best to enter that rest.” 

It seems ironic that we have to “do” something to “enter rest.” Kinda like breathing & singing...the discipline of breathing steady, measured breaths is required to sing with ease.

There is a special rest reserved for God’s people. It’s waiting for us & HAS been since the beginning of time when God demonstrated our need for rest when He rested on the 7th day.

Culture does not provide much margin for rest. It requires discipline to enter the day with ease. The Jewish people would scurry about the day before the Sabbath preparing food & tackling tasks so they might enter God’s appointed rest with breath intact!

If we desire to let every breath sing His praise, we must understand the discipline required to steady our breath! The discipline of rest. 

Father, reveal any roadblocks that are robbing us of Your promised rest. Are there any disciplines I need practice or “do” to enter Your rest, moment by moment  day by day, & even for a 24-hour period each week?  You demonstrated it for us, so I’m sure it’s important & will become easy as breathing when we follow the wind of the Holy Spirit’s lead! Give us eyes to see & ears to hear how to do our best to enter that rest!


November 2nd One Year Bible Readings

💡EZEKIEL 3:16-6:14

💡HEBREWS 4:1-16

💡PSALM 104:24-35


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