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The Effect of Words on Water Matters When You Remember that Our Bodies Are 70% Water!

The other day I felt like Mrs. Crabbypants. My insides felt sad & I kinda wanted to sit, soak & sour in It. I went to the fire pit to burn some papers & my husband followed me. I felt crabbier because i knew what he was going to do & sure enough he did. He asked me, “So tell me something that’s going well right now or something you’re grateful for…”

To be honest, I was grateful that he was on the otherside of the fire pit so I couldn’t kick him in the shins😂

But, alas, he was right…his approach was confirmed through a verse I read today:

Good news makes for good health.

That’s what Proverbs 15:30 promises & even though we know we can take the Word of God at His Word, I feel a little giddy inside when science confirms it!🎉

Dr Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist & water researcher, studied the effects that words have on water. Through the use of high-speed photography & a vibration measuring device, he captured on film how water reacts to sound vibrations.

The water crystals formed beautifully intricate shapes when encouraging words of life were spoken, whereas water taken from the same source collided the crystals, smashing them into destructive shapes when harsh words were spoken.

If these spoken words had this kind of effect on water, how do you think those very same words affect humans who are comprised of 70% water???😳

The bottom line is that words matter. What we speak over ourselves, our family & others has a direct impact on anyone within earshot!

Have you ever been around someone who is a grumpy gilly & feel like you’ve been slimed by their emotions? I have & it’s like I want to take an emotional shower afterwards. I’ve also been the carrier of crabby words & witnessed the wilting effect it has on those close to me.🥲

Father, we thank you that Your Word is ALWAYS a refreshing spring that brings life to our bones! When we feel grumpy or sad inside, let us turn to you & seek to speak Your Truth. It’s not that we can’t process hurt in our hearts but we have to couple it with Truth for healing to happen. Thank you that science confirms Truth because there is only One Truth. May our words match Yours, giving good health to anyone within earshot!🎶

2 SAMUEL 2:12-3:39

JOHN 13:1-30

PSALM 119:1-16

PROVERBS 15:29-30


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