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The Father’s Love Woos the Prodigal Home. Will You Return?

Have you ever lost something important then found it? My husband recently lost his wallet…it’s such a painful process to replace all the stuff as well as accept the fact that the gift cards from Christmas are gone 😐. About a week later, however, he went into Walmart guest services to see if some good-hearted soul might have turned it in, & lo & behold someone did!💝

Jesus tells 3 loss & recovery stories in Luke 15. The 1st tells of 1 of 100 lost sheep, the 2nd tells of 1 of 10 lost coins & the 3rd tells of 1 of 2 brothers who is lost, but ends with the realization that even though the older brother stayed present in body, his soul was far from his father.

This dad of all dads continually matches pride with humility. The younger son essentially wishes him dead so he can take his inheritance. The father generously grants his request by splitting the inheritance “between” the 2 sons instead of the customary 2/3 & 1/3 split.

When the prodigal returns, he would’ve been met with a gauntlet of insults, beating & stoning. Dignified men didn’t run in that culture, but when the father sees his son’s return, he risks humiliation by running to embrace & protect his son.

As the father celebrates his “found” son, he discovers another prodigal that’s been hidden for years. His oldest complains that HE was never given a party. Again, the father responds with love, reminding his son, “What’s mine IS yours!…We HAVE to celebrate because what was lost is now found!

The story is left incomplete. We don’t know what the older brother decides, but we DO know of the father’s love for BOTH of his wayward sons. How did such an amazing father end up with 2 rebels like that…& how did OUR good Father end up with wayward children like us?😬

I often think being a parent is just as much about our growth as our children’s. They keep us humble & give great opportunity to learn of our own desperate need of the Father’s love. Their decisions stretch our faith & help us place our hope (& their future) into the Father’s hands!

How’s your heart today? Has it wandered from our Father’s House? Y’all the banquet table is ready &  set! Our Father longs for all of us to return home! You coming?

JOSHUA 5:1-7:15

LUKE 15:1-32

PSALM 81:1-16



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