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The Importance of a Crossroads Moment

We semi-celebrated our son Oliver’s 22nd birthday yesterday. We didn’t have any major plans so we went to lunch. I apologized that we didn’t have any big hubbub planned & asked if there was anything he’d like to do. He said, “No worries, I just wanted a low-key hang with fam & then maybe write my 22 goals for the year ahead.”

I love creating goals so I was excited to ask questions & help him create his 22 aims for the next 12 months. I like to call those “Crossroads Moments”, when you look around at what’s been, evaluate where you are & then make intentional decisions for which road you’ll take to move ahead.

We walked through the various areas of his life spiritual, physical, emotional, relational & financial. The process of dreaming WITH & ON his behalf was so fun! At one point he said, “I have an amazing mentor in my friend John. I wished that he lived near me in LA. I think I’d like to seek a second mentor who can also meet face to face.”

I was beyond elated! Y’all there is no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in Truth! I shared with him the importance of discipleship in his life - having someone who is walking ahead of you & warning you about the pitfalls ahead, someone who is walking beside you & asks daily questions that cause you to pause & then having someone behind who is watching all you do.

The prophet Jeremiah warns the people of Israel to, “Stop at the crossroads & look around. Ask for the godly way & walk in it. Travel it’s path & you will find rest for your weary souls.” 

The Israelites are on a path of destruction & yet they reply, “No, that’s not the path we want!!” They blatantly choose to go their own way & thus miss out on the promise of rest that comes from the ancient path.

Sometimes hardships orchestrate a crossroads moment & other times, we need create one by pausing long enough to look around & search for the ancient way forward that leads to future rest.

Father, may we not need a prophet to speak warming about our path. Holy Spirit, give us cause for pause if we’re too busy to slow down & ask for the ancient way. We don’t want to miss out on the rest You have for us - here on earth as it will be in heaven 💕

💡JEREMIAH 6:16-8:7


💡PSALM 78:1-31



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