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The Longing of the Father’s Heart for Ours

Today I read about a longing in God’s heart for our hearts. It feels like a father’s plea because I think maybe it is?

He speaks His desire in such simple terms:

“Oh, that they would always have hearts like this…”

Hearts like what?

Moses remimds the Israelites of the time they finally understand their humble position before God-the moment God speaks the 10 commandments from the mountain blazing with fire. In fear & trembling, the leaders begged Moses to become an intermediary, speaking to & hearing from God on their behalf.

If there were ever a phrase that captures the primary longing in my heart on behalf of my sons, it would be the same:

Oh, that they would always have hearts like this…hearts that humbly know their need of the Father & their inability to come before Him without the intermediary blood of the Lamb.

Sometimes I think that God is perceived as this angry deity Who can only be pleased by strict obedience, but that’s SO not the case! He loves us SO MUCH that He gives us a choice to follow His lead.

Of the 10 commandments, the 5th has a promise attached to it…I think it’s an indicator of His heart for our hearts. It promises a long, full life in the land for children IF they honor their father and mother.

As a parent, there is no greater joy than to hear that your children are walking in Truth, and there’s no greater pain when they’re not.

The Father longs for us to follow Him because it brings Him joy to see us walking in Truth!

I can almost see Him bend down & whisper to His beloved, “Do what is right & good in My sight, so ALL will go well with you. THEN you will enter & occupy the good land…”

A command with a promise is worth following in any economy!💯

In the same way that we long for our children to simply heed our wisdom, so does Father God! He knew we wouldn’t be able to keep His commands in our own strength. They set the stage for us to realize that none of us is good enough to strive our way to heaven.The only way we can walk in Truth is through the salvation of His Son, Jesus!

Father, oh, that we would have hearts to follow Your lead. As our Commander & Chief, You always lead us victoriously to enter & occupy the good land.


LUKE 7:11-35

PSALM 68:19-35

PROVERBS 11:29-31


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