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The Often-forgotten Benefitof Selective Silence

I learned a principle of silence this morning that I’d like to share with you.

Silence isn’t fun especially when things are hard, but King David writes about a choice to be selectively silent in Psalm 38, as he asks God to remember him in his season of suffering.

He is facing physical sickness, carrying emotional guilt & his friends & family are nowhere to be found.

And if that weren’t enough, while he lies exhausted & completely crushed, he writes that his enemies are laying traps to kill him!😳

I think I’d  be tempted to two directions:

- either complaining about the difficulties crowding in

- or completely shutting down.

David does neither.

He writes, “…my enemies make plans to ruin me…but I am deaf to all their threats. I am silent before them as one who cannot speak. I choose to hear nothing, and I make no reply. For I am waiting for you, O Lord…come quickly to help me, O Lord my savior.”

He remains silent before the accusations of the enemy, but he doesn’t remain silent before His Lord & Savior!

I awakened this morning with a physical pain that made it almost impossible to read. An ice pack helped, but it didn’t go away completely. I don’t like to give airtime to negative things, so I sometimes go silent while I wait for the hard things to pass.

When I read about David’s decision to remain selectively silent, acting deaf before the enemy, but declaring his faith & trust in his Lord’s deliverance, I did the same & relief immediately followed!💯🎉

Calling on the name of Jesus, for healing, resurrection, & rescue is something that’s easy to forget when the enemy litters our lives with big boulders of difficulty, right? May we be like David& remember that rescue is only a whispered prayer away 🤗

Oh Father, we call on the name of Jesus, the name that has the power to even cancel death! Jesus, we choose to become selectively silent today, ignoring enemy accusations as one who cannot speak. We trust You, our Savior, for rescue, healing & restoration with each & every difficult thing we face.  

JOB 8:1-11:20


PSALM 38:1-22

PROVERBS 21:28-29


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