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The Problem with Pronouns

Never in a million years did I think it possible someone could be fired for using the wrong pronoun, but such is the case in the crazy world we live. Although I can’t fully grasp the justice, there’s a principle with pronouns that creates a problem for people who profess to be Christians.

A pronoun, by definition, is a word standing in place of a noun, but a possessive pronoun denotes ownership.

I love my New Living Translation Bible because it uses common language while aligning close to the original meaning. They missed the mark B-I-G time, however, with Psalm 116:11.

The writer seems to be in an anxious place as he declares, “In my anxiety, I cried out to you…”

Did you catch the possessive pronoun? Why in the world would you ever want to own anxiety? And if you have children, why assign it to them as theirs?

I may experience feelings of anxiety, but that doesn’t define who I am, right?

Y’all, we HAVE to be so careful with the words we speak because they carry creative power of life & death!

Want to know the double whammy about POSSESSIVE pronouns?! They negate the Lordship of Jesus Christ.😳

If I declare that HE is MY Lord, then I have relinquished all ownership rights of my life to Him. The only possessive pronoun we have left is, “His”!

The original translation of Psalm 116:11 says, “In my haste…” it acknowledges that the writer took ownership back from the Lord, rushing ahead in panic. He is referring to something he DID rather than something he IS.

I’m not anxious, but I might feel it.

I’m not depressed, but I might feel sad.

I’m not angry, but may be tempted to react in anger.

Do you hear the difference?

We’re not many things, but the one thing we will forever be is His! 

If we are His, then our Savior saves us, our Redeemer redeems, our Healer heals, our Provider provides…any lack or deficiency we see in ourselves can only be met by The All Sufficient One!

Oh Father, forgive us for the times we hop back up onto Your throne in our hearts, taking back lordship from You by the simple use of possessive pronouns. May we live & speak in such a way that reflects your Lordship, making others want to know You because we are clearly “His”!

1 SAMUEL 24:1-25:44

JOHN 10:22-42

PSALM 116:1-19

PROVERBS 15:20-21


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