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The Pursuit of Worthless Things Distracts us from The Only One Worthy of Pursuit

Two of my sons ministered to me this week in ways they are unaware.

One posted a question on social media that actually caused me to pause, ponder & reply. He asked, “What do you need to remove from your life before 2022 begins?”

Many tangible things surfaced, but the primary thing that kept rising up was thinking about things I simply cannot fix.

My other son shared in conversation last night that he felt led to live a fasted lifestyle until the new year begins, removing various distractions & minor things that  can become idols if left unbridled.

And now this morning, I read 1 John 5 where he ends his chapter with an imperative spoken like a loving parent:

“Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts.”

It seemed like a simple summary of what the Lord spoke to me through my sons.

When I wonder what might take God’s place in my heart, I immediately go to food choices or social media.  Sometimes, however, it’s the unbridled, intangible things that creep up onto the throne of my heart that’s only meant for my King.

Things like,

The need to be right

The need to be heard

The need to be seen

The need for rest

The need for provision

The need for healing

The need for protection

The desire for perfection...

I could go on & on & on...I’m sure you have things you could add to this too!

The bottom line is that anytime we seek to self-fulfill a need only our God can provide, it immediately becomes a little “g” god that tries to steal the seat of our affection for Him.

The need for the thing oftentimes trumps our pursuit of The One who can provide it!

Anything that steals our time, talent, attention & treasures from The One Who Saved Us, from The One Who Provides For Us, will always leave us wanting for more.

Oh Father, guard us from false idols. This world throws so many of them in our paths that sometimes it feels like we simply cannot avoid them! Help us to keep away from WORTHLESS things so that our gaze & affection may rest only on The One WORTHY of our praise, Father, Son & Holy Spirit!

💡HOSEA 1:1-3:5

💡1 JOHN 5:1-21

💡PSALM 124:1-8

💡PROVERBS 29:5-8


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