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The Temptation to Worry in the Wait

Just like change, waiting can be hard.

As I walk through this transition season of things ending and waiting for things to begin, I feel like I’m doing 8 cajillion things, but not really doing any of them well.

This morning I found myself saying,

“I just don’t have time for that. Wait, I mean I haven’t made time for that...ugh, actually I mean I just haven’t made it a priority....” 🥴 I felt frustrated and was like, “Lord can you just give clear direction so I know how to plan well?”

I am not sure what’s next on many fronts, but the wait without knowing what’s next can be such a temptation for worry.

The thing is, Jesus never worried and He never seemed to be in a rush, because He was simply carrying out His Father’s marching orders each day.

His security was found alone in God so he remained unaffected by the circumstances surrounding Him. He simply trusted His Father to order His steps.

When I remember that God laid out every moment of my life even before one day had passed, I suddenly have peace as I’m reminded that I’m SO not the one in control! 😂

I may not know what’s next, but He does, and I can trust Him in the wait. In fact, I can keep my heart from having worry palpitations by keeping cadence with my King

👉🏽who IS Peace

👉🏽who IS Emmanuel, God with us,

👉🏽who IS Jireh, the one who provides for all of my unseen needs.

He’s already ordained all of our moments even before we were born, so why worry in the wait? He’s got it!


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