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There is no Panic in Heaven

Yesterday our pastor said several things that landed square between my eyes 😳 The 1st was this:

There is no panic in heaven.

There seems to be SO much to panic about these days & yet Peter reminds us that the Lord isn’t really being slow about his promise, as some people think. He’s being patient for our sake!

You see, “We ALL have an earthly story, but it’s not the END of the story!”(👆🏽Another quote 😉)

Regardless of what we face, it’s so important AND refreshing to be reminded that every single solitary detail is permitted by our Lord.

He’s been penning our personal stories since the beginning of time with 1 aim in mind: that we’d  choose to become His...for eternity!

Peter writes about the 2nd coming of Jesus. He HAS come & has YET to come again in the last days.

I love to plan-to look to the end & work backwards. There is a day coming when our lives on earth will cease to exist. Then what?

There is so much compelling evidence of a Divine Creator that I simply can’t understand how one would be motivated to live life when it’s seemingly all for nothing?

If there was even a chance that a moment of judgement was coming, wouldn’t you want to know so you could decide NOW how you might live?

Peter writes that the day of judgement is indeed coming, but it need not be the end for all. There will be a NEW heaven & a NEW earth established for those who believe that Jesus lived a sinless life & conquered death so we might do the same!

In the meantime, as we face hardships & God seems slow to respond to our prayers, we must remember that the Lord’s seeming delay is simply a display of His patience as He longs for all people to be saved!

If we could lift our gaze beyond the circumstances of today & remember that we are in the midst of our story, but it’s not the END of our story, we’d gain long term vision & the momentary panic will begin to fade.

God is at work. He’s always BEEN at work. We may not always understand why He’s penning this particular part, but it’s not the end! 

Father, we don’t want a God we can explain. Even though Your Ways seem mysterious, we won’t panic but instead praise our extravagant, miracle-working, Waymaker & Promise-Keeper!

💡 Daniel 6:1-28

💡2 Peter 3:1-18

💡Psalm 119:129-152

💡Proverbs 28:21-22


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