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There’s a Vast Difference Between Living BY Alarms & Living IN alarm

There’s a vast difference between living BY alarms & living IN alarm. For the most part, I don’t need a morning alarm, as I usually awaken right before it sounds (if I go to bed on time!😉) It’s the varied appointments throughout the week, however, that require alarms to remember what’s next.

The thing about alarms, (for me at least), is that they can move beyond their purpose of alerting you what’s next & tempt you to panic. That feeling has become a common one lately & it’s not awesome.

In fact, my fight or flight “Holy smokes, I gotta go!” reaction not only affects my own heart, but just last week I saw my friend jump, visibly reacting to my reaction!😳 It was kinda funny in the moment, but in all honesty, I left my meeting with her & wept a little on my way to the next thinking, “Not cool, Kimberly…”

Aside from clearing the calendar or making it more systematic, how can this change?

I just read Psalm 89:14-19, & as I typed the question above, I heard this whisper from the Father for all asking the same thing:

“Your circumstances need not change, but your perspective does.

Righteousness & justice are the very foundation of My throne. You need not strive for them. Simply come into My Presence & watch them unfold.

Unfailing love & truth walk before Me as attendants. They also walk before you as you follow Me.

Happy are those who choose to worship Me in any circumstance, for even though darkness encroaches on every side, the light of My Presence will cause it to flee!

Remember-alarms serve a single purpose to keep you walking in integrity, but don’t forget that you first follow Me, & when you do, My unfailing love & Truth become your attendants.”

Oh Father, You are so faithful to whisper sweet nothings from Your Word! Your Word is timeless, always relevant, steadfast & true!

You never fail to keep Your promises! In fact You said IN Your Word, that You will never take back a single Word You said, because in Your holiness, You cannot lie!

We take You at Your Word today! May the Presence of our eternal God be the first thing we remember when alarms alert us to move. May we move only in Your wake! When tempted TO alarm BY an alarm, alert us to move in Your Presence first, reminding us that unfailing love & truth walk before us as attendants!

JOSHUA 22:21-23:16

LUKE 20:27-47

PSALM 89:14-37

PROVERBS 13:17-19


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