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To Be Held By Hope is Far Different than Hoping for Something to Happen

My friend recently asked how I would describe God. I replied with the first things that came to mind, “He’s the Creator of ALL things, the Healer of ALL disease” along with a few other things.

If I’d memorized Psalm 146, however, I would’ve led with that! As I read it today, it reminded me of Whom I serve.

The Psalmist begins with praise then transitions to an imperative, warning us not to put our confidence in fallible people who will all eventually die.

Verse 5 follows with a powerful promise of joy for those, “who have the God of Israel as their helper, whose hope is in their God!”

One commentary used the phrase, “prisoner of Hope”. It didn’t sit well with me as Jesus came to set us free, but the more I pondered it in light of the passage, there was something comforting about the uncomfortableness.

I just shared with someone yesterday that it’s been 13 months of hard things…& when I look back, I wouldn’t have made it this far without my Hope & Helper in God!

None of us want to be prisoner of anything, but freedom falls when we are held firm by Hope!

Jesus is not only the Author & Giver of Hope, He is the very ground & Foundation of it!

His death & resurrection give HOPE that dead things can spring back to life AND the Maker of heaven & the earth HELPS us by holding us steady when things feel shaky!

To be held by Hope & helped by Hope is far different than pining away for something to unfold. Hope can denote a feeling, but we all know how fleeing they can be! When we are held firmly by the Author, Giver & Foundation of Hope, nothing may change in our circumstances, but everything about our perspective does!

He lifts our chins to see beyond the messiness of today well into eternity. While we tarry for His return, He’s at work, freeing prisoners, giving justice to the oppressed, opening the eyes of the blind & lifting us when we feel weighed down!

Oh, Jesus, there’s great comfort when we allow ourselves to be held by You in the uncomfortable tension of waiting. We thank you for tarried times that cause us to turn to You. Thank you for binding us with Hope while we wait with great expectation for the full manifestation of Your help!

2 KINGS 13:1-14:29

ACTS 18:23-19:12

PSALM 146:1-10



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