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To Whom Do I Listen?

To the degree that I can be disciplined & diligent with caring for my body as a residing temple of the Holy Spirit, I can also step into the land of gluttony now & again.😳 I like me some sweets & sometimes I throw off restraint & like them a little too much.

Proverbs 25:16 gives us a warning by 1st asking a question: 

“Do you like honey? 

Don’t eat too much or it’ll make you sick.”

👉🏽It made me ask, “What’s my ‘honey’?”

There are many things vying for our time, attention, finances & appetites right now & it’s easy to get sucked into the land of too much - too much news, too much sweets, too much “digging into rabbit holes of research”, too much sleep, too much wine, too much fun...too much_____

Whatever your honey is, too much will always leaving us feeling yuck with a physical, relational, emotional or spiritual belly ache🤢

In the same way that we fill our bellies with food, we also fill our hearts & minds with Truth (or lack thereof.)

The writer of Psalm 85:8 says,

“I listen carefully to what the Lord is saying for He speaks peace to His faithful people...”

Another question surfaced when I read that:

👉🏽To whom do I listen & what lands in my heart as a result?

There is much that we can feast on in the way of information today, but does any of it speak peace?

The word as it is used in the verse means completeness, soundness & welfare. The ONLY Source of information that provides resounding welfare to my very core is The Word of God! It is why I love my One Year Bible. It only takes 15 minutes a day to read & I always walk away with a nugget of Truth that steadies my soul.

Peace is a Person & if we are willing to listen carefully, He will speak it to us, over us, beneath us & around us.

Jesus, thank you that You are our Source of Peace. You alone make us complete. Holy Spirit, help us feast in the Word more than the world.  Praise You, Jesus, that You are the only One Whose words we can eat all day long & never leave with a belly ache!


October 15th One Year Bible Readings

💡JEREMIAH 26:1-27:22


💡PSALM 85:1-13


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