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Tomorrow is not promised, so how can you live today like it’s your last?

As the year end approaches with dying leaves falling to the ground, I’m reminded of the brevity of life - that tomorrow is not promised, &, like my mom always says, “We all have an unpublished expiration date.” 😉

Moses prays in Psalm 90:12, 

“Lord,… teach us to realize the brevity of life, so we may grow in wisdom.“

The cadence of our culture carries a  supersonic speed that tempts us to forget that our entire lifetime is but a breath in light of eternity.

Even though tomorrow is not promised, Paul reminds Timothy about the eternal life God promises through faith in Jesus Christ! (2 Tim. 1:1)

Our days this side of heaven are numbered,  but if Jesus is your Savior and Lord, you can be confident that Your eternity WITH Him IN heaven is secure!

In light of that, I feel led to remind somebody of this:

👉🏽 that grudge you’ve been holding onto

👉🏽 the bitterness you’ve let grow like a weed

👉🏽 the unforgiveness you’ve let pitch a tent smack dab in the center of your heart

👆🏽 All of those things are robbing you of life today!

Speaking from personal experience, you’re lettimg the former things that wounded your heart, continue to pierce it over & over by ruminating about them, letting them steal your peace, love and joy.

When we let Jesus be Lord over ALL things, healing happens, His Peace permeates our life & the undeserved love we receive from Him suddenly begins to pour out of our pores!

My prayer today is that each of us would be reminded of our unpublished expiration date, (and since we don’t know when it will arrive), to live each day under the Lordship of our Savior like it’s our last!

❓What’s one thing you can do to fully live life as if today were your last day on earth?

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