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Trust => Worry’s Antidote

Are you worried about something today? You’re not quite sure how something is going to work out & maybe you’re concerned that the fix won’t come fast enough?

Those were thoughts that flooded in as I awakened today. I smiled, though, as I wondered if there‘a an antidote for worry🤗

…and I was quickly reminded there is!

As I began reading Psalm 37, my thoughts shifted from what to Whom.

An antidote is medicine that counteracts the effects of poison, & worry is like a poison that depletes our peace & steals our joy, right?

The passage opens with an exhortation, “Do not worry…” and the remainder of the Psalm tells us why. 🤗

When we shift our focus from the facts before us to the Father over us, trust begins to surface…we realize that this thing is too big of a burden to carry on our own & remember that He’s our Burden Bearer to whom we can entrust the unknown things.

When we trust in Him & do good (versus manipulating circumstances to make something happen), He promises that we will live in safety & even prosper!

His Word also declares that when we take delight in letting Him be Lord, that He will give us our heart’s desire!

No finagling needed!

He will make His unfailing plan for our lives unfold in His perfect timing…

And if our desires differ from His?

He has a way of making them pale in comparison to what He has planned 🤗

Father, thank You that Your Word is always a ready Word when we need it!

You promise safety, prosperity, peace & protection when we trust in You.

Holy Spirit, help us place the hard things we face at the feet of the Father, & Jesus, be our Peace as we wait for His rescue!

ESTHER 8:1-10:3

1 CORINTHIANS 12:27-13:13

PSALM 37:1-11

PROVERBS 21:23-24

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