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Unbelief Cuts the Rope that Secures us to our Savior

Markel & I have a meeting tomorrow that might mark a new career season for both of us. We’ve been waiting patiently for an open door since July, but I can’t say that it’s been peaceful patience😬

I sometimes read about the Israelites & am flabbergasted by their unbelief...I mean, God provided for their thirst through a rock, He sustained their hungry bellies with manna, & they saw Him part an entire sea so they could walk through on DRY land! How in the world could they question whether they could trust God to lead them to the promised land?

Hebrews 3 describes how they missed out on the rest of God because of their stubborn unbelief...& yet, if I look in my own heart, I confess that I sometimes allow unbelief to pitch a tent smack dab in the center of hard circumstances.

Anytime we give unbelief admittance to our hearts, it becomes ripe opportunity for strife to start.

It cuts the ropes that secure us to our Savior, allowing our mind, will & emotions to drift into the deep waters of fear that quickly drive us to the sin of self reliance.

The definition of unbelief means to be in want of faith, withholding trust from God.

I sometimes wonder if unbelief may be the source of all sin & subsequent misery?

I mean, that’s how it all started in the garden-God said don’t eat the fruit or you’ll die. Adam & Eve chose to believe the cunning lies of the enemy over their Father who loved them enough to give them the choice to believe.

The past few months have been wrought with opportunity to indulge in unbelief, & I can’t say that I’ve traversed them all that well.

Our meeting tomorrow is not a given & I dare not moor my hope to a circumstance, because it is when I exchange my source of trust FROM God TO anything else that difficulties are sure to rise! I confess this AM that I will trust Him with the outcome, & even as I type that, rest falls like rain over my heart.

He’s so good like that. He won’t MAKE us trust Him, but will quickly shower us with His Peace when we do 💕

Father, reveal any place where we’ve allowed unbelief to pitch a tent in our hearts. Forgive us for unbelief. Your Son died for us, so our eternal, rest-filled future is secure through Him.

💡EZEKIEL 1:1-3:15

💡HEBREWS 3:1-19

💡PSALM 104:1-23

💡PROVERBS 26:24-26


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