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Unity Without Truth is a Facade

I accidentally misspelled the word hollow with “hallow“ yesterday. I thought it funny because they couldn’t be more opposite. “Hollow” is an empty space, lacking substance, whereas “hallow” means to be dedicated as holy - something QUITE substantial of eternal value!

Jesus tells us HOW we personally become hallow in John 17 & what’s fascinating is that it means to separate.

The word separate has a bad rap, in part I believe, because people use the words “separation” & “division“ synonymously.

Jesus prays, “They do not belong to the world anymore than I do. Make them holy by your truth; teach them your word which IS truth. Just as you sent me into the world, I am sending them into the world...”

We are sent INTO the world as foreigners separate FROM the world. Truth is what separates our very lives, consecrating them for Holy purposes. Truth separates, but ALSO serves to bring unity when people agree on Truth!

I’m not sure what the Lord is trying to reveal this morning, but it’s been rumbling for a while…unity founded without facts isn’t unity at all. It’s libel to fall when opinion changes or passions wain.

It’s like a facade of unity held up by ramparts of sympathy. It’s a, “I don’t want you to feel excluded, so I am going to soften Truth with sympathy-laden opinion.”

Anything that does not line up with Truth is either opinion or an outright lie.

We are sent into the world to carry the fragrant aroma of Christ’s sacrificial love. It’s not speaking judgemental opinion about matters at hand, but asking The Word what HE has to say about it, & then speaking only His Truth sprinkled with grace & seasoned with love!

It’s quite impossible to live IN the world, separated FROM the world while seeking unity, apart from Truth.

There are so many social media posts I’d like to share, but the Truth within is often smeared with personal opinion.

Y’all, we need not add nor detract from Truth as it requires no ramparts to stand firm.

Our job is to spend time WITH Truth so He might inform our approach & guard our words with His! When Truth leads, eternal unity follows!

2 SAMUEL 13:1-39

JOHN 17:1-26

PSALM 119:81-96



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