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Waiting for the Honey Season

I spoke with one of my dearest friends yesterday. She is a little ahead of me in our seasons of life, but we are both smack-dab center in what she calls, “Now o’clock”.  We are both waiting for the strong arm of the Lord to rescue us in mighty ways.

As we talked, I shared a dream I had last Saturday. I was drilling a hole in a maple tree & asked those who were gathered around to grab some buckets for the honey that was about to flow forth. The onlookers scoffed & said, “That’s not how it works, Kimberly! A maple tree doesn’t produce honey!”🙄

They had a good laugh at my expense, but I kept drilling in silence. Sure enough, moments later, honey began to not just drip from the tree, but gush forth from the hole AND the base. I fell back laughing myself as the honey poured out like a river.

What’s fascinating about the dream is that I forgot all about it until our pastor said something on Sunday morning. He talked about how God will often give us what we need before what we want.  He led the Israelites to the land flowing with milk and honey - milk is what they needed but honey is what they wanted 😋

David captured the heart of “Now o’clock” in Psalm 71. In desperation, he comes to the Lord for protection, begging for salvation & rescue so that he not be disgraced.

He cries out, “Give the order to save me!”

He’s trusted the Lord since childhood & now in his old age, when his strength is failing, he humbly asks the Lord to not set him aside.

Then he writes something that makes me smile. It’s so simple & childlike...

“But I will keep on hoping for your help. I will praise you more & more...You’ve allowed me to suffer hardship  but you will restore me to life again.”

As we finished our conversation, my friend & I both concluded that we just must be in a milk season. It’s not what we’d necessarily wish for, but it must be what we need in preparation for the honey that’s yet to come.

Just like David, we can come to Abba Father for protection & rescue. He is our Rock of Safety where we can always hide! And as we wait for His rescue, He will always provide the “milk” we need in preparation for the honey that’s yet to come! Let’s worship while we wait!

💡ISAIAH 57:15-59:21


💡PSALM 71:1-24

💡PROVERBS 24:9-10


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