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Walkimg Through Sinking Sand? Set an Alarm to Remember your Reliable Rock!

I don’t know if it’s the older I get or that there’s more crammed in my day, but setting reminder alarms on my phone has become a necessary part of everyday life. I’ll remember that I have an appointment, but then become distracted by a task or conversation, & suddenly have a few minutes to make it to my meeting on time!

I think the cares & concerns of everyday life have a way of leading us into a foggy land of forgetfulness, where worries rise & the ground suddenly feels like sinking sand.

Psalm 78 tells of a time God’s people forgot about Him in the land of plenty & fell into hard times. It was in the midst of a sinking sand moment, where they finally, “remember that God was their rock.”

This was the first verse I wrote in my journal today as I thought, “Oh that I wouldn’t forget about my reliable Rock Who never fails!”

Jesus, our Rock of Salvation, speaks in Luke 12 about worry. He says, “These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers all over the world, but your Father already knows your needs.”

What “things”?

Worrisome things.

He tells us that the antidote for worry is seeking God first & then we’ll have everything we need!

What’s amazing about today’s reading, is that Deuteronomy 32 introduces us to God with a new name.

Moses declares, “I will proclaim the name of the Lord. He is our Rock….”

Y’all, there is nothing this side of heaven that can come against our Rock! No worry, sickness, lack, pain, plan of the enemy nor forgetfulness of our soul, that can change the immovable nature of our mountain-like Rock!

We can call on The Rock when we feel like everything around us is shaking, because He is unshakable!

He is reliable!

He is invincible!

He is powerful!

There is no variableness in His nature, no shadow of turning in His Presence.

He has, is & will ever be The Great, Immovable I AM.

Father, You are immovable in Your Word & Way! Regardless of what storms arise, Your steadfast Presence ALWAYS rises higher! In life, death, grace & providence, all Your ways are just & fair.

Remind us of our Reliable Rock! When our ground begins to feel like sinking sand, Holy Spirit set off alarm bells, reminding us, “on Christ the solid Rock we stand!”

DEUTERONOMY 31:1-32:27

LUKE 12:8-34

PSALM 78:32-55

PROVERBS 12:21-23


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