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Want to be Bold?

Can you imagine seeing your friend who was whipped, beaten & crucified, suddenly standing before you, living, breathing & speaking?

Maybe there’d be a mixture of emotions…confusion, elation, maybe even doubt like Thomas, but after seeing, hearing & touching Jesus, one thing would certainly rise - bold belief!

This is the state of the disciples after spending 40 days with The Resurrected King!

Yesterday was Pentecost Sunday, marking 50 days after Passover when the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus’s followers, giving them Divine power to do what Jesus did!

This moment in time is captured in today’s One Year Bible reading.

When Peter heals a man who’d been crippled for over 40 years & declares that there is salvation in no one but Jesus, the Jewish teachers are stunned into silence.

They know these men are just ordinary fishermen with no special training, but they also recognize them as men who’d been with Jesus!

Peter did life with Jesus....before AND after Jesus was crucified, dead & buried.

Peter knew first-hand the power & authority of Jesus because he’d been with Emmanuel, God with us!

The Jewish Council is amazed by his boldness! This isn’t a pull-up-the-bootstraps kinda courage…this only comes from spending time with the 





& Resurrected King!

Peter is transformed simply by the Presence of Jesus AND by the physical absence of Jesus! Jesus HAD to ascend SO THAT the Holy Spirit in all of His power could come! And boy did He!

I don’t know about you, but I want to be like Peter...not the impetuous part, but the bold part 😊

This kinda life change still happens today! The same Holy Spirit that descended on Peter, is the same Holy Spirit promised to anyone who turns from sin & believes in Jesus as their Savior & Lord!

Spending time with The Word of God, letting His Holy Spirit lead our  Spirit, soul, & body, transforms everything inside of us so that we TOO might stun the onlookers in our lives by loving with a divinely-infused love unlike anything they’ve ever experienced!

Holy Spirit, come, fill us & have Your Way! Ignite an unquenchable fire within & baptize us afresh today with Your Presence & power!

1 KINGS 1:1-53

ACTS 4:1-37

PSALM 124:1-8



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