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We all have superpowers that allow us to bear fruit. It’s what we do with the harvest that matters.

If what you were doing was considered wicked, but you were completely clueless, wouldn’t you want to know? If not, don’t continue to read because I’m about to pop the same ignorance bubble in many that exploded for me this morning😳

Mark 12 tells the story of a landowner who leases his vineyard to tenant farmers. They are to till the soil & tend the crops so when harvest time comes, the owner could collect a portion of the crops.

The problem surfaces, however, at harvest time. He sends a servant to collect the crops, but the farmers beat him horribly & send him back empty handed. The owner sends servant after servant & each is either beaten or killed. He finally sends his son, thinking, “Surely they will respect him.” The wicked farmers, however, kill the son with the sole intent of keeping his inheritance.

This parable was told as a reflection of the Jewish leaders. Because they rejected Jesus, God would reject His bride, the Jewish church, & open the plan of salvation to all.

Ok, so you’re probably thinking, “What in the world does this have to do with me?”

I’m with you-I thought the same thing.

When you look up the definition of “tenant farmer”, you learn that it comes from two roots:



Soil figuratively means,”the arena we live in preparation for eternity”

Here’s the thing:

We are ALL tenant farmers this side of heaven! Your soil might be different than my soil, but the point of soil is to bear fruit, & ANY fruit is meant for eternal impact. The landowner is our Father God. HE created us with gifts, talents & passions that allow fruit to grow in our lives! The question that surfaces is this:

Will we steward our vineyards well & give God the fruit He deserves or will we be like the wicked farmers who treat the blessings of life as, “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

Over the centuries there’ve been many who’ve experienced the privilege of the church, but have not brought forth fruit answerable. This, my friend, is wicked in the eyes of the One Who gave us the very ability TO bear fruit!

We all have Divine superpowers that allow us to bear fruit. Will we keep the inheritance for ourselves or wield our gifts to harvest an eternal crop for our King?

NUMBERS 2:1-3:51

MARK 11:27-12:17

PSALM 47:1-9

PROVERBS 10:24-25

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