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We Become the Prodigal When we Pursue Unconditional Love Where it can’t be Found

A song randomly played on my playlist yesterday - one that my son shared with me a few months back. As the first notes began to play I felt like I was on, “Name That Tune”. I knew I’d heard it before because it instantly invoked a sadness inside even before the lyrics began.

The song is called, “How To Be Yours” by Chris Renzema.  The lyrical arrangement is brilliant as it begins with a prodigal’s betwixt plea to the Father but ends with the Father’s reply. It starts, 

“You say that You love me,

Don’t say that You love me,

Cause I don’t know how to be Yours...

I still act like an orphan I guess

My hard heart breaks to confess... 

I still don’t know how to be Yours...”

If we’re honest, we’ve all been a prodigal at some point in our lives, acting like an orphan who forgets about our Father Who won’t abandon us. And if we’re REALLY authentic, we’d probably confess that we’ve acted like one recently because here’s the thing:

Every time I turn to the world for what only the Father can give, I’m acting like an orphan. I pursue the prodigal life every time I pursue unconditional love where it cannot be found.

The apostle John warns us not to love this world nor the shiny things it has to offer for it is proof that we are trading the Father’s love for a faulty counterfeit. The prodigal life will always leave us longing for more pleasure, pride & possessions.

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, it is easy to get caught up in all the things this world has to offer, but the 1 thing it lacks, the 1 thing that will impact eternity, is the Father’s love.

He doesn’t go anywhere, we are the ones who run...

The song takes a twist at the end as our faithful Father reminds us,

“So love Me or hate Me

I’m not goin’ anywhere

Leave Me or take Me

You still bear My signature

Know Me or not

Seen or forgot

I’m not walking out on you”

Thank You, Father, for reminding us that You are our faithful One Who will never walk out on us. I sometimes wonder if preparing our children to leave home is less about adulthood & more about modeling that our Heavenly Father is home

 here on earth as it will be in heaven? Guard us from the prodigal life. You alone are the love & security we so desperately seek.

💡DANIEL 8:1-27

💡1 JOHN 2:1-17

💡PSALM 120:1-7

💡PROVERBS 28:25-26


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