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We Can Turn to our Source of Light Even When He Seems Hidden by the Dark Things Happening

Do you ever feel like God is hidden behind the rain clouds of a circumstantial storm? Like you’re hangin on & hoping long, but darkness seems to prevail?

I’ve been waiting for darkness to lift in certain areas of life for quite some time, & I kinda feel like my son who’d call me when he was little & cry, “Where ARRE you?”

Yesterday, a heavy darkness settled across the sky as a storm approached. The clouds swirled about, enveloping the sun to such a dark degree that I had to turn on the light in my living room.

I glanced up from my work at the very moment lightening flashed, thunder boomed & rain began to gush over my gutters.

As I sat watching the water pool on my deck, I thought how the Lord’s approach is sometimes dark like that.

I recently had a conversation about this idea of a prolonged dark season, where you keep waiting for this one thing to happen or change, but the darkness ensues & “the thing” seems to remain the same.

I’m sure that’s how David felt during the many years he fled from crazy King Saul. David writes about the time God finally rescues him from Saul’s relentless pursuit in Psalm 18. At the end of his rope, David cries to the Lord for rescue.

God DOES rescue David, but David describes God’s approach as hidden:

“He shrouded himself in darkness, veiling his approach with dark rain clouds. Thick clouds shielded the brightness around him…”

I’m aware that there have, are & will continue to be circumstances that I just won’t understand this side of heaven, & this might be one?

Why the cloak & dagger approach, Lord? You can say a word & it will be done, so why veil your approach & delay Your rescue?

As I think about the storm that settled over my home yesterday, I find it interesting that I had to turn on the light & here’s why:

Kinda like flipping on a light switch when things get dark, we can turn to our Source of Light, even when He seems hidden by the dark things happening!

Father when Your approach is shrouded in darkness, remind us that it doesn’t diminish Your promise to rescue. The aim this side of heaven is not to be free from strife, but to let it draw us near to You. We trust our SOURCE of Light, even when things feel dark.

2 CHRONICLES 6:12-8:10

ROMANS 7:14-8:8

PSALM 18:1-15

PROVERBS 19:24-25


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