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We Forget God’s Goodness When The Word & His Way Become Dusty

One of my deep-well friends said something that struck a chord in my heart. We were talking about the discipline of working out & she said,

“Kimberly, the thing that keeps me motivated to care for my body is to remember that it is the home of my Savior & Lord. Every lunge I take, every crunch I make, I proclaim, “This is my spiritual act of worship, O God!’

It was such a tangible reminder to remember the goodness of God in even the most mundane things!

Psalm 103 opens & ends with this phrase:

“Let ALL that I am praise the Lord.”

What does that even look like? Do I have any areas that DON’T praise Him?

I awakened today with a prompting to remove Netflix for a little fast from mindless moments. Watching a show isn’t “bad”, in fact, sometimes we have a little home date night of yummy dinner, pjs & a great movie 💕

It is the motivation that matters. I sometimes think, “I’ve been ‘on’ all day. All I wanna do is turn on a screen & not think.” I can’t say that my motivation is a spiritual act of worship in those moments😳

The entire Psalm proclaims the goodness of God, what He does, who He is & what He will NOT do because of His unfailing love!

He is, “like a father to His children, tender & compassionate, for He knows how weak we are; He remembers we are only dust.”

As I pondered David’s proclamations of how God








this thought surfaced:

In His compassion, God remembers we are but dust; in our complacency, we forget His goodness when we let His Word & Way become dusty.

He knows we are subject to decay, soon to sink under the pressure of trials. Oh, how He longs for us to turn to Him when our frail & feeble frame needs rest!

But, He loves us too much to make us remember Him.

His undeserved & unreserved goodness & mercy pursue us all the days of our life, but will we pursue Him with ALL that we are?

Father, You formed us from dust & breathed your divine breath into our lungs! Let every breath we breathe, ALL that we are & do, become a spiritual act of worship! May the path of following Your Way never become dusty. Help us stay lock step with our Savior where we are ever reminded of all that You’ve done!


💡HEBREWS 1:1-14

💡PSALM 102:1-28

💡PROVERBS 26:21-22


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