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We Guard Ourselves From Conforming to the World AROUND us, by Planting The Word of God IN Us

My son, Tommas, has this amazing ability to memorize things. He’s been an actor since he was 10 & I’ve always been blown away by his ability to receive a script, read it a few times & then own it as if he’d written it himself!

I, on the other hand, am a gister. I can remember key principles, but am not the best at reciting things verbatim.

Well, you can imagine my conviction as I listened to a man preach an entire message ONLY using key verses from Genesis through Revelation.

He didn’t have a podium or a phone, & the screen in the back of the room remained blank the entire time he spoke!

As a powerful preacher & gifted orator, God’s Word fell through him like a refreshing waterfall! He exhorted us, reminding us that we’re not called to CURSE the darkness, but rather PIERCE it with the Light of The Word!

As an accomplished actor, he shared that the biggest struggle in Hollywood came from well-meaning Christians who undermined The Word-that we can’t BE light if we don’t KNOW Thee Light, & we can’t know Him if we don’t know His Word!

Proverbs 18:15 tells us that intelligent people have open ears that are always ready to learn knowledge.

What kind of knowledge, however, are we willing to commit to memory?

When the message closed, my youngest son leaned over & said, “Boy, does he remind me of Tommas!” I’d been thinking the same thing, attributing his ability to speak the entire message using memorized verses as a divine gift from God 👉🏽which it is!

Brian closed his message, however, challenging my assumption by saying, “I guarantee if I played a Journey song right now, most of you could recite all the lyrics!”😬 Ouch!

Father, like Brian, we want the Word of God to be as true in our lives as it is on paper!

We can become an echo chamber of a whole lotta knowledge, but there’s only One Source that rings true for eternity 👉🏽Your infallible Word! May we commit it to memory, letting it encourage, correct & even rebuke us when we’re veering off course!

The only way we guard ourselves from conforming to the world AROUND us, is by planting The Word IN us! Holy Spirit, open our ears to Truth so that our very lives might echo Your Word, drawing many to You!

1 CHRONICLES 1:1-2:17

ACTS 23:11-35

PSALM 3:1-8

PROVERBS 18:14-15


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