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We Need Vertical Unity with God BEFORE We Can Have Horizontal Unity with Humans

“Behold” is a wonder seldom seen, so when it is spoken, behold it! When written in Scripture, it gives cause for pause & invites the reader to ponder what follows.

Psalm 133 begins with the word & is followed by Truth & a promise:

“Behold! How good & how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity…For there the LORD has commanded the blessing, life forevermore.”

I think it’s notable that the writer uses the word “how” twice. It places equal importance on the adjectives that follow.

There are many things in life that are good, but not pleasant & conversely, there are many things pleasant that are not good! For a thing to be good AND pleasant is doubly good!

But what happens when we simply don’t see eye to eye? Is it still better to dwell together in DISunity? A lack of unity usually indicates a lack of Holy Spirit Lordship on one side, the other or maybe even both?

We cannot make anyone do anything OR see the way we see. What we CAN do is place our mind, will & emotions under our spirit & allow our spirit to lead BEHIND the Holy Spirit.

It’s there, when we individually choose to dwell in unity with the HOLY Spirit, that the Lord pronounces blessing!

That’s what to behold about this verse! Even amidst DISunity, we can experience how good & how pleasant it is to live in unity with God, praying that unity with our brothers will follow!

We must have vertical unity with God BEFORE we can experience horizontal unity with humans!

Once He is properly positioned as Lord over every area of our lives, we can walk in the Spirit & respond in the Spirit, rather than defensively reacting in the flesh.

Father, Your Word says it is “there [that] the Lord has pronounced His blessing.” Where? In unity, & we must first be unified with You before we can unify with anyone else. We want to be anointed with the oil of Your Presence so that ours might be as refreshing as the morning dew - BECAUSE of You!

Oh how good & how pleasant YOU are! May we behold You so we may be held by You! Unite our hearts vertically so we may unite with others in Truth & love horizontally. Reside within & preside over our lives for when Love dwells, unity follows!

1 KINGS 14:1-15:24

ACTS 10:1-23

PSALM 133:1-3


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