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We’re All in Service to Someone, but the Quality of The Master Determines the Weight of the Yoke

We’re all in service to someone or something all the time, but the quality of the master determines the weight of the yoke.

I rarely make all or nothing statements, but as far as I can tell, this one rings true unto eternity.

The motto, “Land of the Free” is the very fabric of our culture, & “the freedom to ____” is at the heart of most political platforms. Yet, rarely do we ask what freedom is for.

We know freedom comes with a cost. It’s why we celebrate with national holidays, but once freedom is won, then what?

Freedom from ANYTHING becomes a hamster wheel pursuit unless The One Who bought our eternal freedom with His very life is involved in the process. If we don’t allow Him the helm, His protection lifts & we’re vulnerable to other masters.

That’s what happened to King Rehoboam, the son of King Solomon. The success & freedom his forefathers secured is shattered by self-serving pride within moments of his kingship. His kingdom splits in two & he’s left with a fraction of a nation.

He eventually establishes his rule, however, in his success, he forgets his God, abandons the Law of the Lord & all of his people follow suit.

Not long after, his blatant sin takes human form as God allows the King of Egypt to attack. Rehoboam repents, & God relents. God doesn’t completely destroy them, but does make them subject to Egypt, “so they will know the difference between serving me & serving earthly rulers.”😳

If we’re completely honest, we’re all serving someone ALL the time…every single choice we face, & every subsequent decision we make serves some sorta master: God, others or self.

Jesus secured our freedom SO THAT we can live free from the wiles of sin eternally!

Rehoboam has a kingdom handed to him on a golden platter & he uses that freedom for his purposes, forgetting Who placed him there & how he is called to lead!

Freedom & success can tempt us into a state of complacency, causing us to forget Who set us free. When God is not our Master, our borders become vulnerable to attack by little masters who impose a heavy yoke!

Jesus PROMISES to be a light & easy Master.

Of all the masters you permit in your life right now, which one died for you?

#OneYearBible #July

July 24th One Year Bible Readings

2 CHRONICLES 11:1-13:22

ROMANS 8:26-39

PSALM 18:37-50

PROVERBS 19:27-29

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