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What are you Wearing Today?

I’ve had pain for far too long on a tooth that had a root canal two years ago. When I finally went back to the endodontist on Monday, I was told that I needed a fancy dance x-ray that would cost a few hundred dollars.

The thing is, they wouldn’t take it until I signed off that I would agree to pay out of pocket for said x-ray IF the endodontist discovered that the problem was not due to his error. 😡👈🏽that’s how I felt inside...

I was so grrrr because he was the only one who could determine what the x-ray indicated so basically I had to trust that he’d be honest.

I felt a dark heaviness settle over me when the assistant handed me the electronic thingee to sign...I scribble-scrabbled my signature & said nothing as I handed it back.

I wanted to say so many felt unfair. I wish she knew the pressures & stress this season is presenting...I wanted to say a lot, but I knew better so I said nothing. But here’s the thing...even though I said nothing, I had willingly clothed myself with my flesh and it was evident in my countenance.

Romans 13:14 exhorts us to clothe ourselves with Christ & not to obey our flesh and it’s desires.

The word “clothe” means to sink into a garment... in that moment when I was handed the device to sign, I willingly sunk into my flesh.

The word “flesh” comes from a root that means actions done apart from faith & empowered by self.

When we act in the “flesh” we are acting apart from the transformational touch of God. We are viewing things from our own human perspective and as a result end up striving in unaided effort from God.

As I sat in the dentists chair, I felt convicted. I just slimed this poor girl with the fleshly vibe of Kimberly. I could feel it & I could tell by her averted eyes that she could feel it too.

At that moment, the endo came in and said that it looks like we needed to do another root canal & that he would cover any further charges. I instantly cried. Poor guy didn’t know what to do I just thanked him & thanked the assistant.

Y’all we clothe ourselves everyday...some days with great intention. What would our lives look like if we chose to intentionally sink into the clothing of Christ? How might He be recognized in & through us if we chose a garment of faith-filled praise instead of a sackcloth of fear-filled flesh? Father God, be Lord over every part of us & clothe us with the humility, love & peace of Jesus Christ!


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