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What do you Want?

You’d never guess that my degree is in psychology by how long it takes me to identify the root of an emotion I’m experiencing... 😳 Sometimes I feel like a crabapple (like this morning), but I’m just not sure why.

When we arrived to the gym, Markel asked how long we were going to warm up & my barking reply surprised us both.😬

I slunk over to the treadmill replaying the previous day to see if I could discover the root. I recalled a convo w my son right before bed that left me feeling unsettled...

When I read how God asked Solomon, “What do you want? Ask and I will give it to you”, my heart stirred 👉🏽What do you want, Kimberly? You are praying FOR your son, but what do YOU want?

My eyes are leaking because, like Solomon, I just want wisdom. Y’all, parenting is hard. I’m sure the ache I feel in my heart is a pale reflection of what the Father feels for us. Another version simply says:

“Ask! What shall I give you?”

I love that it’s an imperative. The root for “ask” means to beg. That sounds awful until you ponder the motive of the ask:

Am I asking out of lust or poverty?

Am I asking because of a result I desire such as wealth, fame, a long life or am I asking from the position of a pauper who knows all too well that she just doesn’t have what it takes to do this well?

Because the greatest desire of Solomon’s ask was for wisdom, God blessed him with all of the other peripheral & temporal things in his lifetime.

We are exhorted in Proverbs today to get all the advice we can so we will be wise!

If we’re being real, we are all paupers apart from Jesus. His Word is the Source of all Truth. Reading His Word is the lifeline that gives me the wisdom needed to do the things that seem impossible.

Lord, we ask this morning from the position of a pauper who ain’t too proud to beg...give us Your divine discernment that will guard us from a deadly drift into our flesh. You tell us to ask, so we ask for wisdom & thank you for your forgiveness when we have a crabapple morning and forget to walk in it 🤗 Let your wisdom shine in & through our lives today, so that we might become a beacon who reflects your glory!


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