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What Kind of Fan are You? Would You be Willing to Wear Tassels?

When we first moved to Georgia, I was blown away by the college football fans. A day wouldn’t pass without seeing some kinda UGA paraphernalia or reference to roll tide 😂I was suddenly submerged into a subculture of clothes, caps & flags oh my! The zeal was real & I felt like I landed on another planet!

We’d moved from the Minnesota tundra & were pretty big Vikings fans, but I can’t say anyone knew unless we said something.

All of that 👆🏽surfaced from a little verse in Deuteronomy. It’s sandwiched in-between a bunch of (what feels like random) rules & says this:

“You must put four tassels on the hem of the cloak with which you cover yourself—on the front, back, and sides.”

Why tassels with a conspicuous thread of deep blue? And why on all four sides?

From a practicality standpoint, it seems like they’d be kind of annoying, getting in the way when you walk…ANNNND (I suddenly thought) that’s probably the whole point!

I love that the providence of God attends to the smallest details…even blue fringes😉

This symbolic precept carries a two-fold purpose. The little fringes on the front, side & back of their outer garment serve as a reminder & accountability.

As they walk along and kick the fringe on the front of their robe, every step gives cause for the commands of God to rise in remembrance.

And as they pass the onlookers in their life, the Side & rear tassels become a public proclamation of who they are, Whose they are & what they believe.

It got me to thinking…would I be willing to wear tassels? Talk about accountability! 😳

We have no problem proclaiming our allegiance to our alma matter with caps, clothes & chants, but even on its best day, it does nothing to impact our eternal future.

Do people only know we are Jesus fans because of what we say or by what we do?

I want to be known as a Jesus fan. I want my entire life to become a blue-tied tassel that proclaims the extraordinary goodness of God!

Father, may our lives burn with zeal for You alone! Let the lions share of our time, attention & treasures be spent in fanaticism of following you! We needn’t say a word of what we believe when our lives are like fringes that proclaim Your goodness & grace! 

DEUTERONOMY 21:1-22:30

LUKE 9:51-10:12

PSALM 74:1-23



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