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What’s Your Net?

Mark 1 tells of a time when men drop everything, even their livelihood & lineage, when Jesus simply calls, “Come…”

It opens with Jesus walking along the shoreline when He suddenly sees Peter & his brother throwing out their nets to catch fish. The moment Jesus calls, Peter & Andrew drop their nets AT ONCE & follow him.

It made me ask, “if Jesus called to me, ‘Come follow me & I will show you how to fish for people’”, would I leave my livelihood in the sea & follow immediately?

If I’m being honest, probably not.😳

I’d have SO many questions! Should I pack my net & store my boat for when we return? Where are we going? Do I need a jacket? Will it be cold?

They asked nothing, but simply followed.

They leave their livelihood to follow their new leader & suddenly we meet 2 more brothers who do the same! Jesus calls to them & (again) they follow him at once, leaving not only their livelihood, but also their lineage.🥲 They leave their father, Zebedee, to follow this unknown man from Nazareth who had suddenly arrived on the scene.

When my boys were little, we trained them to obey quickly, quietly, completely & joyfully SO THAT when their Heavenly Father called, they would follow with full abandon. I may have taught it, but I’m not sure I’ve modeled it well?

As a planner & strategist, I can count the cost far too long, delaying & bridling the amazing power of the Holy Spirit in my life.

These men were called on co-mission with Jesus…& so are we! if they paused & pondered for too long, the preservation of their comfortable & concrete lives may have led to the death of many.

They were called to share the Good News of Gospel that hadn’t even happened & yet they walked in a faith that led to eternal life for many!

God is calling ALL of us. We were all strategically born in this dark time of history. Just like the lamp stand in the tabernacle of God’s Presence, we are called to burn 24/7! Just like the incense that filled the tent with the fragrance of heaven, so our lives are to smell the same!

Counting the costs is wise, but sometimes following Jesus will cost the comfort of what we know. Will we, like the brothers, trust the Caller & follow at once?

EXODUS 39:1-40:38

MARK 1:1-28

PSALM 35:1-16

PROVERBS 9:11-12


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