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What to do When Sorrow Settles on the Surface of our Hearts

I awakened today with a faint remembrance of falling asleep with sorrow in my heart. The visual that surfaced was that of a beaker filled with oil & water. It was scientifically wrong as the oil had settled to the bottom & the water rested on the surface. I sensed that the water represented sorrow & the oil of God’s Presence rested beneath.

We live in a world marked by weeping. Not a day will pass without someone, somewhere shedding a tear or bowing their head in grief. Sadness that rises to the surface is a condition of our fallen world & yet it will not be the state of eternity if we let the Lamb become our Shepherd.

Revelation 7 tells of a day when the Lamb on the throne will be our Shepherd. He will lead us to life-giving water & God will wipe away every tear from our eyes.”

I find it funny that a lamb will be a Shepherd. It’s like a child being a parent, but better because THIS Lamb came as a young, innocent knowing all, seeing all, & as The Word, being the Source of ALL past, present & future!

The Lamb was center on the throne so one cannot approach God without first passing before The Lamb.

The Lamb knows what it’s like to BE a sheep, He knows the sorrows of this earth & the unfulfillment we face on the daily! It is because of His love that He became The Lamb so we might invite Him to become our Shepherd!

When we allow Him Lordship over our hearts, He leads us to life-giving water before the throne of our God, Who with exquisite tenderness, wipes every tear from our eyes.

In this life we will have sorrow that settles on the surface of our hearts, but Jesus longs to be the oil of gladness that rests like a deep, unending well far below the happenings of everyday life!

Father, You created us to experience emotions & yet they do not negate or diminish Your life-giving Presence. In fact, they act like a gas gauge reminding us of our need of You!

I feel like that beaker this morning with watery sorrow on the surface AND the oil of Your Presence like a firm foundation beneath. Thank You for being a shield of protection to all who come to You! We may feel feelings, but the Truth of Who You are keeps them from settling for too long or seeping too deep.

💡MICAH 5:1-7:20


💡PSALM 135:1-21

💡PROVERBS 30:5-6


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