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What will you leave behind in 2022?

It’s New Years Eve AND it’s a Saturday which means MOST of us have time to ponder this question👇🏽

“What will I leave behind in 2022 so I can live a life of unhindered purpose in 2023?”

It’s a serious question to consider BEFORE setting goals.

Goals are super important, but I don’t think that we begin with goals…

Goals are not just about achieving something.

Sometimes, most times, they require us to leave something behind.😬

Living a life of intention takes work. I like to call it, “The Sifted Life”, & here’s why:

The word, “intent” literally means, “to sift”.

If we are going to lead a life of intention & purpose, we need to sift our lives, allowing harmful, hurtful & unproductive



👉🏽& habits

fall away SO THAT we can focus on what remains => that which is helpful, important & productive!

Living an intentional life of purpose takes work, so what will you leave behind in 2022 so that you can enter 2023 unhindered by the things that rob you of productivity & purpose?

P. S. I’m leaving behind over-thinking & over-planning!💯


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