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When Burdens Become Unbearable

I love getting up before the songbirds sing with the moon hovering in the night sky. It’s my favorite time with the Father. The stillness of the morning & the freshness of my mind provide fertile soil to hear His whispers...

I normally do not open my phone before my Bible, but today I did-& immediately regretted it. I was sucked into research on 9/11 & discovered many facts (not conspiracies) that left me feeling uneasy. The most shocking was that the BBC reported the collapse of the World Trade Center Tower 7 a full 50 minutes before it actually happened!😳 (see link in my IG bio)

After I watched the video, a great uneasiness began to hover. There is so much in our world that feels upside down & backwards & all I want to do is cry out like my Isaiah did when he was little with, “Where arrrre You, God?”

David writes in Psalm 55 how he longs to have wings like a dove & fly far away to rest in the quiet of the wilderness. I long for that too & yet here we are in the current state of affairs where, quite frankly, it feels like we are going to Hades in a hand-basket.

The burdens we face become monstrous when coupled with state, national & worldwide problems that we can’t control.

But the truth is, we really don’t control anything. We can’t & that’s good because the state of overwhelm reminds us of our desperate need of our Savior.

David gives an imperative a little later in the passage that’s followed by a promise:

“So here’s what I’ve learned through it all: Leave all your cares & anxieties at the feet of the Lord, & measureless grace will strengthen you.”

Another version says, “Cast your burden on the Lord.” We need not carry them, so let’s fling them on our Father who has broad shoulders & measureless grace to boot!

Father, there’s so much we don’t know & honestly I’m grateful. It keeps my heart positioned as your daughter who knows she can go to her Daddy with all her cares. We know that Your grace is all we need to make it through the day. Your power, O God, works best in our weakness. So rather than pulling up bootstraps, we boast about our burdens for it is there that You set the stage to reveal Who You are & that You are completely trustworthy!

September 11th One Year Bible Readings

💡Isaiah 8:1-9:21

💡2 Corinthians 12:1-10

💡Psalm 55:1-23

💡Proverbs 23:4-5


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