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When Christmas Feels Like a Failed Hallmark Movie

Christmas Day was a tender time with our 2 youngest because we weren’t all together as a family. Isaiah asked us to wait until the end of gift giving to open his. When we did & he began to explain the why behind it, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

As we each opened a box with an engraved ring, he began to read something he’d written on a bus ride after a basketball game.

This guy puts in the work-lifts weights 7 days a week, arrives to practice early & leaves late to put up a bazillion shots. Adrenaline pumping, he goes to each game with an active-wait mindset because at any given moment the coach might call on him to step onto the court.

He likened it to the wait we’re all experiencing on different levels - waiting for:

• opportunities to arise

• relationships to heal

• & simply for wisdom on how to walk forward

As he talked the song, “Wait on You” played in the background. It’s kinda been our family anthem this year & so he had these rings engraved with, “Become the Eagle”.

It’s a reference to Isaiah 40:31 & how eagles approach a storm. They don’t duck for cover, but wield the winds to draw them higher & higher until they finally soar above the storm where the sun warms their wings.

The inside of the ring has the Hebrew letters for qavah which means to wait actively. Just like he is actively ready to step on the court when his coach says “go”, he wanted to remind us to be active as we wait for the Lord to provide.

He ended with this: Even though this is a qavah Christmas of sorts, continue to actively worship while we wait to see His faithful promises fulfilled!

Psalm 145 gives us a template for praise that serves a dual purpose: David praises God in the wait while reminding himself of WHOM he waits: a God who, “always keeps his promises & is gracious in all he does. He IS close to all who call in Him & helps those bent beneath their loads.”

There will be moments in life that feel like a failed Hallmark movie without the cheesy ending, but it’s important to remember that though the wait is long, it’s not the end. God hears our cries for help & WILL rescue us! Let’s be like the eagle, who draws near to the sun, while we wait for our Son to provide!



💡PSALM 145:1-21



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