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When Circumstances Cause You to Question, “Are You Really The Coming King?”

There is somebody, somewhere that needs to hear this today:

The shallow breaths

The white knuckled grip

The racing thoughts

The sleepless nights

God sees them all & sighs.

His love for you is beyond comprehension, so much so that He won’t force you to receive it.

Our omnipresent God sees all & knows all because He created all. He is the beginning & end of all, but He is not the author of corruption, chaos or confusion. In fact, He’s the answer to it.

Today I read about Jesus’s thriving ministry. The blind could suddenly see, the deaf could miraculously hear, the lame could leap & the dead were brought back to life! Yet, amidst all of those inexplicable things, there is another inexplicable thing happening.

Jesus’s cousin, John, is put in jail.

John spends his entire life as a prophetic proclamation of, “Make way for the coming King!” & yet here he sits as a prisoner while the very thing he prophesied begins to unfold outside the prison walls.

Shortly after Jesus reminds His disciples that they need not be afraid of “those who want to kill your body for they cannot touch your soul.,” a messenger arrives.

He is sent by John who sits alone in a dark, dank jail cell, to ask: “Are you the Messiah we’ve been looking for…?”

This question comes from the man who:

• Spends his whole life telling others to prepare for the coming Messiah!

• Baptizes Jesus in the Jordan river & hears the Father declare, “This is my son in Whom I am well pleased.”

• Whose very head would soon be placed on a platter for King Herod…

This post may FEEL awful sad, until we remember what Jesus promises. John may have lost his body, but his soul would soon be purchased by his Savior to make Way for John to spend eternity in heaven!

There may be moments when we wrestle like John & ask, “Are You really the Messiah?’

And yet we need not hold our breath, grip fear like a friend, let our thoughts race or lose sleep over the hard things we face. The Father knows everything, down to the very number of hairs on each of our 8 billion heads! We need not fear anything except forgetting His inordinate love for us! We can trust Him even unto death because we know the King Who has & is to come!

GENESIS 31:17-32:12

MATTHEW 10:24-11:6

PSALM 13:1-6

PROVERBS 3:16-18


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