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When God Tells You to Abandon The Ark

It was 1 year ago that the Lord began to speak very clearly about something I didn’t want to hear. My husband & I, along with a few others, spent the last 12ish years helping create a new model in education -  a hybrid academy whose primary aim was to develop servant leaders who would shape culture rather than being shaped by it.

Even as I write the intertwined vision & mission, I’m reminded of the amazing things God created through a group of educated folks with no degree in education 😂

This morning as I read about Noah & how the ark rested on top of Mt. Ararat, I had an immediate thought:

The ark rested, but Noah could not.

The very thing he spent a good 75 years building served its purpose & soon the Lord would tell him to essentially abandon the ark.

I’m not sure how Noah felt, but it caused empathy memories rise like wisps in my heart.

When the Lord began to give evidence that my time at the school was coming to a close, I resisted for a good 3 months.😬

I kept asking the Lord for 1 more sign that I was really hearing Him tell me that my end date was near.

By the end of January, I had 40 facts gathered - yep, same number of days it rained 😂 It took 40 confirmations through Scripture, conversations, songs & circumstances for me to finally be convinced that the Lord was instructing me, like Noah, to abandon the very thing I helped build…blood, sweat & tears were shed over the years as we built something that seemingly lacked a blueprint.

Sometimes, God calls us to do something inexplicable like He did Noah. We might be coasting along in a boat we built only to have it rest so that we might not.

Starting over is hard. It’s even harder when you leave behind something you helped create. And yet? Following the Father is worth abandoning any ark we helped build!

I’m grateful for His gentle wooing away for I now sit in a new place that would’ve been unfathomable had you told me then 😉

Father, help us follow your wooing ways. Sometimes they seem scary, like we’re starting from scratch, but we trust You. Your blueprints for our lives always build something beautiful! May we abandon any ark that’s holding us back from the much that is beyond its walls!

💡GENESIS 8:1-10:32

💡MATTHEW 4:12-25

💡PSALM 4:1-8

💡PROVERBS 1:20-23


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