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When Humiliated, We Are Tempted to Speak Humbly, but its Far Better to be Humbly Silent

Feeling humbled?

It is good & a tool of God that

👉🏽escalates death of self-love

👉🏽promotes growth of His loving Presence in us if we’re willing to lean in and learn.

I love this passage from Francois Fenelon’s book, “Let Go” - it is a mouthful, but if you read it carefully, (& maybe even a few times) I’m confident that it will speak to you as it did me 😉

“God always attacks us on our weak side;

we do not aim to kill a person by striking a blow at his in sensible parts, such as the hair or nails,

but by endeavoring to reach at once the noble organs, the immediate seats of life.

When God would have us die to self, He always touches the tenderest spot, that which is fullest of life.

✨It is thus that He distributes crosses.✨

Suffer yourself to be humbled.

Silence and peace under humiliation are the true good of the soul;

we are tempted, under 1000 pretexts, to SPEAK humbly;

but it is FAR better to BE humbly silent. 😳😶

The humility that can yet talk, has need of careful watching;

self-love derives comfort from its outward words.”

~Francois Fenelon


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