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When Jesus is your Life, Death is not your Enemy

When Jesus is your life,

death is not your enemy.

I think Paul would’ve said that👆🏽

Facing death on any level doesn’t feel good because it means loss. But according to the words Paul penned from prison, our pending death will be a win-win situation if Jesus is our life this side of heaven!

Paul writes this to the Philippians:

“…everything happening to me in this jail only serves to make Christ more accurately known, regardless of whether I live or die.

They didn’t shut me up;

they gave me a platform!

✨Alive, I’m Christ’s messenger;

dead, I’m his prize.✨

Life versus even more life! I can’t lose.”

(Philippians 1:21-24 MSG)

Y’all, if we KNOW Jesus as our very Source of life, even death cannot conquer us because it will simply become an open door to ETERNAL life with our resurrected King!

The enemy knows that in the end, he loses, so he will do whatever it takes to tempt us to think otherwise!

We ARE conquerors in and through Christ! When we accept His gift of salvation & let Him be Lord of ALL areas of our life, death loses its sting!

Death of self (-ish ambitions), leads to life in Christ WHILE we live on this earth! And physical death ushers us into eternal life in heaven!


We are positioned in a win-win situation, so regardless of WHAT we face, lets remember WHO we will face when we die. Death is not our enemy when Jesus is our life!

September 28 One Year Bible Reading

Isaiah 57:15-59:21

Philippians 1:1-26

Psalm 71:1-24

Proverbs 24:9-10


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