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When Jesus’s view from the cross BECOMES our view, temptations fade like worthless trinkets

If today were our last day on God’s green earth, & if it arrived with us hanging on the cross, our view of this fading world & all it has to offer would do just that - it’d fade.

There would be no beauty or gem or treasure that could hold our gaze more than the thoughts of eternity that’s just a few breaths away…

When Jesus hung on the cross, it was for freedom’s sake. He redeemed us, ransomed & rescued us from the eternal consequence of sin so that we might live in freedom!

Y’all! The more we consider the sufferings of the Redeemer FROM the world, the less likely we’ll be to fall in love WITH the world.

It’s absolutely essential that we remember His view as He hung on the cross…anything this world had to offer was as rubbish to Him. If for just one moment a day, we pondered the cross, remembering what He did SO THAT we might be free, we may not  be so quick to return to the world’s go-to comforts as a dog returns to its vomit.

I recently watched a movie called, “Redeeming Love” (based on the book by Francine Rivers.) it’s about a man who is led by God to marry a woman who’s spent the majority of her life held in prostitution.

He buys her freedom, but because of her feelings of unworthiness, she continues to return to prostitution…she tries to “pay” her husband back, but he refuses to be intimate with her until she finally understands that he needs nothing, nor wants anything FROM her-he just wants HER…

The story is based on the prophet Hosea who was instructed by God to marry Gomer, a woman who worked as a prostitute. It seems awful until you realize that God’s aim was to illustrate His undying, ransom-like love for His people.

I could write for hours….what hits my heart big this morning is this:

He loves us.


No striving needed nor accepted…AND when we finally fully comprehend it, we begin to receive it in such a way that His view on the cross BECOMES our view…the lures of this world begin to fade like worthless trinkets.

May you know your inexplicable worth in the Father’s eyes today! He loves you so much that He let His Son die with your sin so you could live a life free from sin, even unto eternity!

Oh, how He loves us…💞

ISAIAH 37:1-38:22


PSALM 65:1-13


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