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When Love Prospers

I don’t know about you, but I want love to prosper in

my home,

my life

& my relationships.💕

When something happens that hurts, however, especially by someone close, it is WAY easier to “dwell” on it and even sit, soak and sour IN it! 🤢

Trusting first and believing the best of others is a discipline that requires constant attention - at least for me 😬

If I can pick up my chin from the moment of hurt or frustration and be in it for the long haul, I can love well and even forgive completely!

The bottom line is that I want to prosper with the same love that was extended to me when Jesus paid my ransom with His life!

If I am completely honest with myself when I want to be angry with someone who has offended me, I need only remind myself of this Truth

👉🏽 that Jesus forgave ALL of my faults with His life

👉🏽SO THAT love may prosper in my life

👉🏽and so I may remain in unity with Him even unto eternity!

I lived a good chunk of my life sitting, soaking and beginning to sour because I would not forgive...such a waste of talent, time and treasures during that period.

Once I finally followed the Holy Spirit’s lead to fully forgive, however, I cannot begin to describe in a little post the tremendous change that began to unfold in my life 👉🏽 what I can say is that love began to prosper & it was far better than hanging onto the hurt!


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