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When Sorrow Beckons Silence, Speak!

Sorrow can beckon silence.

There are moments when silence is indeed golden, but there are others when It serves only to strengthen Satan’s attempt to steal, kill & destroy.

He really is a sly devil, knowing how to woo wounded hearts into a land filled with fear & trembling.

When I first walked into my dad’s hospital room, I felt speechless.Questions surfaced at lightening speed, but none moved past my lips. I stood in silence, not knowing what to say.

I moved over to a chair as the nurse came to check some things. The silence was deafening until the Holy Spirit whispered a little reminder…when Tommas was little, he memorized the 1st chapter of John. He didn’t just memorize it, but through it, learned the power of the spoken Word.

It tells us that in the beginning was the Word. He was with God and the Word was God. One of Jesus’s names IS The Word & through Him ALL things were made! If The Word created all things, then there must be creative power when I speak The Word!

I didn’t have safe words to speak, but I DID have the steadfast, all-powerful nature of HIS Word!

I moved to the bedside & began to read the book of John. Nothing changed physically, but everything changed in my heart the very moment I spoke His Word as a call to my God for help.

This morning as I read David’s recollection of a time of sorrow, he said something profound: “My enemies will retreat when I call to you for help.”

Did you catch the timing? WHEN=> at the very moment I call (read aloud, recite & call forth) my faithful Father for help, the enemy WILL retreat!

As I finished chapter 3, I glanced at my dad just in time to see him open his eyes. His eyes leaked down to the pillow case. I don’t know if it was tears or just watery eyes, but I believe the powerful, effective Word of God, Who created the earth & everything in it, ministered to my dad (& me!)

Father, when we don’t know what to say, help us be like David who encouraged himself by calling on You! May we not be silent when the enemy comes lurking…remind us of the all encompassing Word that was & is & ever shall be the firm foundation on Whom we stand! Our enemies retreat at the sound of Your name, so we call on You now!

NUMBERS 19:1-20:29

LUKE 1:1-25

PSALM 56:1-13



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