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When the Lines Between Heaven & Earth Blur

Earlier this week, I wrote about a season of stillness, forgetting that I had an MRI appointment scheduled for yesterday. I’ve never had one before & despite the fact that I love to research almost anything, I arrived without a clue as to what was about to unfold😳

God, in His grace & goodness, orchestrated for my new friend & next door neighbor to greet me & be my technician for the procedure 💕 She was so kind & thoughtful, providing for the smallest of details as she explained the steps.

Finally, after I inserted my earplugs & put on headphones playing classical music, she covered me with a warm blanket & placed the call button in my hand, & then in I went into the long, white tube.

She warned me that it was loud & reminded me to be ever so still. As the fan began to blow from above, my eyes began to water. As I lay there in the stillness, the source of tears transitioned from wind to wondering...

What if the mystery spot that was randomly discovered on my broken arm X-ray  turns out to be “something”?

I refuse to come into agreement with a label of what that something could be because I am believing that it’s nothing. And yet, in the quiet & stillness of the procedure, I pondered eternity.

How might my decisions change if I knew that time was short before I’d face Jesus face-to-face? What missions do I have yet to complete?

Today I read Ecclesiastes again & was reminded by the wisest man who ever lived that, “A wise person thinks a lot about death...”

I know that seems sad, but in a lot of ways it’s good! If I knew my time was short, what relationships would I seek to reconcile, what things would I say or NOT say? What do You desire of me, Lord?

The time in the tube yesterday seemed like a scene from a movie. As I lay there, a deep seated desire began to surface & it was this:

✨I want the lines between heaven & earth to become imperceptibly blurred in my life.✨

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Solomon reminds us that, “Nothing is certain in life...none of us has the power to prevent our day of death.” But we do have the resurrection power of Jesus Christ residing IN us while we live, so what are we gonna do during the time that’s left?

September 4th One Year Bible Readings

💡Ecclesiastes 7:1-9:18

💡2 Corinthians 7:8-16

💡Psalm 48:1-14

💡Proverbs 22:17-19


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