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When the Veil Between Heaven & Earth Becomes Thin

The other day something extraordinary happened. My son called me breathless & said, “Mom, please answer my FaceTime call!” So I did & suddenly my screen showed a light in the dark distance of the desert.

As he zoomed in, it moved, changed colors & danced on screen before me.

He said he’d been driving for miles & thought there was a reflection on the window until he turned & saw the light. He pulled his car over & walked into the desert until he came to a fence & then just stood there in awe…we were both a bit speechless.

He did a 360 with his phone & aside from the cars passing by, the only visible lights were the moon, stars & this inexplicable, shimmering light. We don’t know what it was, but we both sense that it was a Divine epoch moment!

I thought, “Man, if he’d kept driving on mission to complete his cross-country trek, ignoring this thing glimmering in his periphery, he would’ve missed it!”

I texted the story to my friend & she replied with this: “The veil is thin!”

The veil between heaven & earth WAS thin! It took my breath away & made me wonder:

How many times have I been in a thin veil moment & missed God’s Presence because I’m “driving” to complete something?

That story surfaced as I read Jesus’s command to “pay attention” in Mark 4.

Jesus sat in a boat & used the everyday imagery before Him to give people eyes to see kingdom principles! He spoke parables of lowly things to lift their gaze to high matters!

Not many understood His parables, but I wonder if the Truth was thinly veiled on purpose? Not to hide, but to poke curiosity that leads to revelation?

Thinly veiled Truth sharpens our senses & stimulates a wondering that prods us to listen & learn!

The purpose of hidden Truth is not to conceal, but to reveal! Sometimes I think Jesus still speaks through parables like a broken washer, traffic that makes us late or a dead lightbulb in the closet. ALL of these everyday occurrences are a chance for us to lean in & listen!

I have a sense that the veil between heaven & earth IS indeed thin-constantly! We just need pay attention & be willing to “pull the car over” long enough to ask the Lord to reveal His Truth through this concealed thing!

LEVITICUS 7:28-9:6

MARK 3:31-4:25

PSALM 37:12-29



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