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Which Direction Will You Go When God Says, “Get Up & Go”?

I remembered a rabbit hole this morning after I read about Jonah. God clearly told him to, “Get up & go”, but Jonah wasn’t having ANY of it.

Jonah DID get up, but went in the OPPOSITE direction, “to get away from the Lord”!😳

After he hopped on a ship to Tarshish, however, “The Lord hurled a powerful wind” causing a violent storm that threatened to sink the ship.

When I looked up the root words, I was blown away, (no pun intended) that “wind” comes from “ruach”. It means, “wind by resemblance of a blast of breath”!😬

It reminded me of a rabbit hole I dug into called  “Operation Popeye”. In a nutshell, it’s a program that began in the Nixon era where the US gov’t used cloud seeding technology to disperse chemicals into clouds to induce rain.

If you dig deep, you’ll find pictures of the Kentucky sky prior to the recent tornados that hit the US. The path of the tornado that hit 5 states is the longest twister in history!🤔It makes you wonder if the operation is still operating?

Anywho, even though our gov’t has apparently been in the business of using weather modification as a weapon of war, they weren’t the 1st to militarize meteorology.

God saw fit to use the exhale of His very breath to incite a violent storm & wake up a very stubborn Jonah.Through a series of events, Jonah is tossed overboard & is immediately swallowed by a big fish.

It is in the dark, dank, stinky belly of the fish that Jonah FINALLY returns to the Lord.

Sometimes the Lord tells us to “get up & go” but we, like Jonah, do an about-face. We choose our own way only to find ourselves in a dark, dank life replete of light that comes from facing God.

He loves us SO much! Even in Jonah’s outright disobedience, the Lord prearranged for a fish to swallow him! God saved Jonah in a way that first seemed like death, but His ways are ALWAYS higher than what we can fathom, especially when we’re many fathoms below water 😂

Father, thank You that Your love includes discipline & correction! Thank You for taking us to depths to woo us back to Your Way.  We don’t want you to have to pull an “Operation Jonah” to get our attention. May we keep our ears open to Your whispers & choose to follow Your Ways!

💡JONAH 1:1-4:11


💡PSALM 133:1-3



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