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Why Fear When the Evidence is Near?

I know that tests pave the way to testify, but sometimes compounding tests cloud my vision making it difficult to see the evidence of His goodness.

While I was at the gym, the TVs above beamed messages of fire, flood, “food shortages” & attacks on freedom. All this “evidence” can strike fear in my heart, causing me to miss the evidence of Emmanuel.

Fear is such a stinkin liar... it feels like there is a spiritual world war right now, one that incites fear & trembling. Perhaps it’s good, however, as it’s causing us to question what we believe & more importantly, on Whom we place our trust?

Paul writes about faith today, quoting a Psalmist when he said, “I believed in God, so I spoke.”

It’s easy to go radio silent when things feel hopeless, but if we really believe in God, then that’s the time to speak! Even the hardest of things pave the way to testify about His faithfulness.

As I’m typing, I see the 2 snakebite wounds that are healing on the back of my leg - that, my friends, is EVIDENCE of His miraculous healing!

I see the cast on my arm, & it reminds me of the many things the Lord is teaching me about following His lead, about rest, about knowing the personhood of Peace amidst the unknown. I see the myriad of random home repairs that popped up & praise God for a bill far less than it should’ve been.

Y’all fear & faith are in direct opposition. Paul reminds us that we can always remain confident when we live by believing, not by seeing.

I may not be able to see beyond today, but if I pause long enough to do a 360, I will see evidence of Emmanuel! Our everlasting One who conquered death, will also conquer the hard things ahead!

Don’t let blaring news reports act Ike the neon lights of Las Vegas that drown out the starry splendor in the night sky.

The darker things become, the brighter He shines. He alone is our trusted beacon Who speaks direction & warning, so why should we fear when His evidence is near?

Father, we don’t want to be like Jonah who sat silent in the belly of a whale for 3 days before he spoke! We believe in You, God, so we speak! Use the tests in our lives as paving stones that make way to testify of your goodness!

August 31 One Year Bible Readings

Job 37:1-39:30

2 Corinthians 4:13-5:10

Psalm 44:9-26

Proverbs 22:13


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