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Why God Loves Linen

Ok, today is random (but not so random) fact day. In fact, when you’re done reading this, you just might buy new jammies 🤗

I just read a verse in Leviticus 6 that refers to the official garments required of Jewish priests while they are on duty. All of their clothing (even their undergarments🤪) must be made of linen. It made me ask, “Why?”

I then remembered a verse I recently read commanding the Israelites NOT to wear linen & wool together. It seems like such a specific law so again I remember asking myself , “Why?”

Surely we serve a God of purpose & order, so why would He issue a seemingly happenstance law that carried no intention? Well, He didn’t.

As I dug a little deeper, I discovered a scientific study on the fabric of linen conducted by a Jewish doctor, Heidi Yellen, in 2003. Specifically, she studied the effect of the frequency of linen fabric on the human body.

A healthy human body has a frequency of about 100, whereas a diseased or dead person has a frequency of ~15. Here’s where it gets fascinating!

Consider the frequency of the following fabrics:

👉🏽Polyester, Rayon & Silk ~ 15

👉🏽Non-organic cotton ~70

👉🏽Organic Cotton ~ 100

👉🏽Linen is a whopping 5,000!

Why is that important? Because the study results indicated that if we wear clothing that carries a frequency lower than our body (100), it will lower our body’s frequency & have a negative impact on our health!

On the flip side, if we wear a higher frequency fabric than our body’s frequency, it raises our body’s energy & promotes health!

It makes you wonder if God specifically requires the priests to wear linen fabric because it is a healing-promoting super fabric???

One more tangible tidbit…remember the instruction NOT to wear wool & linen together? That is because both of the fabrics carry a frequency of 5,000, but when worn together, the frequencies cancel each other out to zero!

Y’all, sometimes I dread the details of Leviticus. It seems tedious & pointless until I remember Who wrote it! God’s Word is packed full of tangible wisdom that is just waiting to be discovered, We just need to dig in & let Him speak to our whys🤗 Ready to get some linen jammies? #OneYearBible

LEVITICUS 6:1-7:27

MARK 3:7-30

PSALM 37:1-11



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